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  Services    Managed Dedicated Server
  Dedicated Hosting, unlike other providers, recognize that the best advantage we can give our customers is our focus.  As such, we do not just provide dedicated server plans, but rather a combination of dedicated server plans with full management by our staff.

Our staff will set up your server to suit your requirements while employing our well established standards of security and administration.  This allows you to have a worry free solution, and allow you to devote your focus to your core business.

  Managed Dedicated Servers - Hosted on Linux Platform  

Our Linux  Hosting is a reliable and fast platform for Web development, allowing you to utilize tools such as PHP, Perl, CGI and MySQL database support.  We provide our system administration staff, with their strong roots in networking and datacentre management to provide you a fully managed solution.  We apply our standards for setup, maintenance and security so that your server is well managed.


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  What is "Managed Server Solutions"?

Managed Server Hosting is an extension of our existing hosting services.  Along with our powerful Shared Hosting Solutions, we also provide dedicated servers for websites and applications that require further customizations that Shared Hosting can not facilitate.

Using our facility to complement the service, we are able to provide our customers with a secure dedicated server for their hosting needs.  Our dedicated server setups are completely customized to fulfill the needs of our clients.

  Define Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is a complete server housed in our Data Centre that is for the exclusive use of your site.  Shared hosting is a farm of several servers each serving yours and other peoples sites.  Dedicated Server ensures that all the server resources such as processing power, disk space and memory is devoted to your site which can often improve performance for sites that require more resources.

Dedicated server solutions are often a more ideal choice over Shared Hosting in cases where a website is using E-commerce applications, SSL, or other custom software packages.  Dedicated server can also allow our systems staff to customize the operating environment for more enhanced operation, security etc.

Dedicated Server can also be an ideal and economical choice if you require larger disk space or larger package capacity than our shared hosting plans.

  Define Managed Server

Managed Server is another portion of the Dedicated Service.  Many places offer what is called "Co-Location" where you provide the server hardware, as well as manage your software and system remotely.

With our Dedicated Server services, we provide the hardware and maintain its functionality.  In addition we also set up the server environment and maintain that for you as well.  This is so that you can focus on your core business and not have to worry about security updates, software updates, securing your server, and many other maintenance tasks.  We provide this service for you and we conform to server standards that we use in all our systems to ensure you the maximum amount of stability.

In addition, our system staff monitor your server to ensure optimal performance is achieved.  We work with you to implement a solution and configuration that optimizes for performance and security and functionality.  We also take care of routine hardware upgrades.  We proactively upgrade or replace server hardware to ensure sustainability as part of our services.    We also maintain an inventory of spare parts should any component fail, and we are then ready to replace to minimize or eliminate downtime.  This eliminates your need to maintain a hardware support contract, contact the manufacturer for replacement parts, or experience downtime while waiting for said parts and service.

So with Managed Server, all you have to do is maintain your site or application content, and we do the rest for you.  Its a complete worry free solution.

  Load Balancing Option

In some cases, dedicated managed clients sites may incur a significant amount of web traffic.  To address this, we provide an additional add on service called Load Balancing.  This is for dedicated clients who wish to implement server redundancy and allow for greater capacity to their website.

In this case, a client would have 2 or more servers setup to host their website / application.  Both servers serve the site identically. then implements a device in front of your 2 or more servers that distribute client web requests strategically to both servers.  

This is especially handy as a growth avenue for your web application.  In addition another added advantage is that in the event that one of the servers fail, your website will continue to serve and the Load Balancer will automatically remove the failed server from service so that it can be repaired and put back into service.  This is recommended to allow even more website availability.

  Welcome to Managed Dedicated Server Services

Overall, this service is offered as a growth avenue to our Shared Hosting services.  We utilize the existing infrastructure to complement your dedicated server service (Ie we provide DNS and Email Hosting using our existing infrastructure, thus reserving your dedicated server to the single task of your website for even more reliability and availability).  We also make use of our enhanced datacentre network which provides multiple redundant connections to large ISPs, redundant routers, and fiber optic implements.  

A few advantages to our Managed Dedicated Server Service include:

  • Dedicated Server resources for your site / application

  • More economical for larger sites 

  • Higher growth potential

  • Higher traffic capacity

  • Fully customizable hosting environment

  • Fully managed by our Network Operations Staff

  • Host multiple sites, multiple domains in one consolidated hosting service

  • More diverse options for E-commerce, or other applications not offered in the shared hosting service

Listed on this site are some pre-packaged configurations available by popular demand. We also have several services that can be added to your configuration and each setup is completely customized.  Check out our "Get a Quote" section to have us provide you with a custom quotation.



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