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  About Us  

  About Us

ParaFX.com offers a unique blend of hosting solutions.  ParaFX.com believes that business is driven by the needs of our customers, therefore we strive to meet those needs through a comprehensive blend of features and services.

Our hosting technology is designed to provide you with a wide variety of popular web features, and platforms.  Our solution provides traditional enterprise level hosting which boasts such features as service segregation, redundancy, load balancing and failover.

Unlike many hosts, our company does not provision all aspects of services on single individual servers, nor do we employ the practice of oversubscription.  We segregate all services to individual servers, and further to that, we also operate clusters of load balanced servers for each aspect of the service.  This provides the redundancy and failover aspects that many hosts lack.

  About ParaFX.com - Overview

ParaFX.com has been providing advanced reliable  hosting solutions since 2000, and has quickly grown in the web hosting industry due to our customer-focused mission: Hosting Excellence Driven By Demand

ParaFX.com continues to prove to be a stable, responsive solution.  Our company services several thousand clients of diverse services.  Our company has been serving our customers since November of 2000, and are continuing our growth to provide more enhancements and services to our clients.

Since day one, our infrastructure has been in our own independently owned datacentre.  We operate all aspects of our datacentre right up to the internet peers that enter our network.  This allows us greater control than most hosts, and allow us to extend more complimentary or inclusive services to our clients than most hosts.

All the owners and administrators of ParaFX.com wish to thank our existing clients for their continued support as well as new clients for their consideration of our services for their hosting solution needs.   Your business is always valued.



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