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Pay My Invoice

  Pay My Invoice offers a multitude of payment options and we are always looking to make your hosting experience more convenient. 

Check our your many payment options below for information on how you can pay your invoice or account.

For additional information, you are welcome to email us at 


Payment Options

    Pay My Account Online Using Visa or Mastercard   
    You can pay your invoice online by Visa or Mastercard by visiting the link above.  All our online payment options are fully secured and encrypted.
You can also use this option to submit your payment and sign up for pre-authorized payment processing for your future invoices.
    Pay My Account Using PayPal  


  You can pay your account or invoice using PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this option.  With PayPal you can pay your invoice using your PayPal balance, credit card, bank transfer or any payment method provided by PayPal.
Simply click the Pay Now button.
    Pay My Account with Email Money Transfer -= Interac Online =-  
    To submit payment via Email Money Transfer (otherwise known as Interac E-Transfer or Interac Online), you do not need to provide your banking info to us.  You will need to have your bank account set up for Online Web Banking. See your financial institution for more information on how to set up online banking.  Transaction charges may apply.

To submit payment using Email Money Transfer (EMT) or Interact E-Transfer, simply log into your online banking.

You can then select Email Money Transfer.
Payments should be sent to:

NEW:  There is no longer a requirement to select a security question or provide a security answer when submitting payment using this method to

You may be given the option to include a note, and you should include your customer ID

Payments submitted using this method are automatically processed and applied to your account.

    Pay My Account by Cheque / Certified Cheque / Money Order  
    Cheques should be made payable to and mailed to the following address:
PO BOX 21060
RPO Harwood Place
Ajax, ON L1S 7H2

Please be sure to write your Customer ID or Domain name on the front of your cheque, or you can include the cut off portion of the bottom of your invoice or statement.  Please allow 5-10 days for delivery and processing.  This option is not recommended when prompt payment processing is required.

    Sign Up for Pre-authorized Payments using Visa or Mastercard  
    Save time, stamps, or potential late fees with the convenience of Pre-Authorized Payments.   You will still receive a copy of your invoice, however payment for your invoice will automatically process for you.  
    Update Credit Card Information Securely  
    Already on pre-authorized payment processing?  Wish to update your credit card info for your payment processing?  Simply click the link above to be taken to our secure payment system.  Your updated information will be collected and fully encrypted for security purposes.  







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