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  About Us    Billing Policies 
  Billing and Cancellation Policies

Outlined below are our billing and cancellation policies and practices.  These are also outlined in our terms and conditions, but are also available here in more clarified form for greater ease to our clients.

This page outlines specifically the billing policies as well as our cancellation procedure for clarification purposes.

  Billing Policies and Cancellation Procedures - Outlined


Our or "We" refers to ParaFX.com, its subsidiaries and affiliates.

"Service" refers to the services provided by us and subscribed to by you and may include, but is not limited to Website Hosting, and Commercial Internet Services.

"You" refers to the person or organization that uses or subscribes to our service(s).


The terms below represent specific portions of our overall policies and terms and conditions.  By subscribing to our services you agree to comply with all our terms and conditions.  Please find below our billing policies and cancellation procedures.  Please note that the document below does not represent our complete terms and conditions of service.  This document represents our policies from our terms and conditions in a re-worded form for clarification and ease of access to our clients.  This document does not supersede our Terms and Conditions.

Billing Policies and Cycles

Our billing cycles may vary depending on the service(s) subscribed to.  Generally our services are provided either with a monthly or annual billing cycle.

Invoices are provided either by postal mail, email or fax.  Your invoice will outline your billable services. 

Monthly Invoice(s)

Monthly invoices are generated on or around the first of the month and are due upon receipt.  Your monthly invoice will be for the current month of service.  Our billing cycle is from the first of the month to the end of the month.

Clients on pre-authorized payment plans (monthly charge via credit card) will have their billing processed at the beginning of the month, and then provided an electronic copy of their invoice with their automated payment applied.

If a monthly invoice is received with a balance owing, it is then possible that the automated credit card payment has declined and you should email customer services to resolve the matter, or submit payment using the methods provided on the reverse of the invoice (or on the last page of the electronic invoice).

Annual Invoice(s)

Clients with annual services are billed annually.  Your initial invoice is generated upon signup.  An annual renewal invoice will be generated one year from the date of your signup.  Your annual renewal invoice will be generated at least 30 days before your annual renewal date and sent to you.  This provides you a window of time to submit your payment before your anniversary date, or to submit a request to cancel your service.

Your service does not automatically close after 1 year.  Your service will continue unless you specifically cancel the service in accordance with our cancellation procedure.

Refund Policies

ParaFX.com offers a 30 day money back guarantee on our hosting services.  Should you not be satisfied with our hosting services, you are welcome to cancel your service within the first 30 days and you will receive a full refund of the hosting services.

Certain items are not refundable under any circumstances (either during the 30 day money back period or at any other time)

Non-refundable items include:

  • SSL Certificate registrations / Renewals
  • Domain name registrations or renewals or transfers
  • Setup fees or deposits for custom services, or managed dedicated servers
  • Any other item or service whereby ParaFX.com has made a purchase or capital investment

There are no refunds generated for early cancellation of a subscription. For example, if you choose to cancel your annual hosting services before your year service is complete, you will not receive a refund for the unused portion of your annual service.

Also, if your services are terminated by ParaFX.com for violation of our policies, there is no refund for the unused portion of your service.

Payment Options

We offer various methods of payment for your services.  Our payment options can be found on the last page of your invoice (s) or statements (electronic) or on the reverse of all invoices and statements ( received by postal mail )

Our payment methods are as follows:

  • Visa or Mastercard - via our online payment system
  • Automated billing to your Visa or Mastercard
  • Email Money Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cheque / Certified Cheque / Money Order payable to ParaFX.com

Our payment page can be found at https://www.parafx.com/payment 

Past Due and Account Termination Policies

Payments are due upon receipt, or by the date indicated on your invoice. 

Accounts allowed to become overdue will be subject to a financial charge (late fee) which will accrue on overdue amounts at the rate of 2.24% per month (26.82% per annum).

Accounts allowed to become overdue by 30 days or more may be subject to service suspension.  Prior to suspending services, ParaFX.com will attempt to resolve the past due / outstanding balance by charging any credit card on file as an attempt to avoid service interruption.

If service has become past due by 30 days or more, and was not able to be resolved overdue notices, or by charging any credit card on file, the service may be suspended.  If service is suspended, an admin charge of $25.00 will be applied.  Service can not be re-activated unless payment is received for the entire amount owing including the admin fee.

Accounts allowed to become overdue by 90 days or more may have services permanently revoked.  This may mean that all data for your account may be removed from our system and further collections actions may be pursued.  This may include submitting your past due account to collections agencies or legal council.

ParaFX.com will continue to attempt to collect payment for any and all past due invoices on accounts with a past due balance.  Collection attempts include some or all of the following:

  • Sending an overdue notice by postal mail or email
  • Attempting to resolve outstanding balances by charging the outstanding balance to a credit card on file
  • Submitting past due accounts to collection agencies or legal council

Please note that ParaFX.com will also continue to collect payment for any and all past due invoices on accounts that have been cancelled.  You are liable for any and all services invoiced up to the date of your cancellation completion.

Please Take Note: Failure to use your account and/or moving your domains and/or website to another hosting service does NOT constitute a cancellation of services with ParaFX.com

Cancellation Policies

We regret when a customer chooses to cancel their service.   We have however tried to make our cancellation as simple as possible.  Please review this section for information on how to cancel your service in accordance with our terms and conditions.

To submit a request to terminate your service, please visit https://www.parafx.com/cancel_request.html   Please be sure to review this section prior to submitting your cancellation.

Services are not automatically cancelled for non renewal, non use, or non payment.  You are liable for your service until you submit a request to cancel your service through our website at https://www.parafx.com/cancel_request.html There are no exceptions for this provision. We require written notice to cancel services because when a service is cancelled, your data and all backups of your data may be removed from the system.

Please note:  Failure to use your account and / or moving your domains and / or website to another hosting service does not constitute a cancellation of services with ParaFX.com.  In addition, not submitting payment for your invoice(s) is not deemed to be a cancellation or "not renewing".  We must receive a cancellation request in writing.

Before a cancellation can be completed, any and all invoices outstanding on your account must be paid.  ParaFX.com will provide you the ability to pay your outstanding balance during your cancellation.  If payment is not received, ParaFX.com will attempt to charge any unpaid or outstanding invoices to any credit card on file.

We require up to 30 days notice for cancellation.  Upon receipt of your cancellation request, we will inform you of your outstanding balance within 5 days.  

ParaFX.com will continue to attempt to collect payment for any and all past due invoices on accounts that are cancelled and still have a balance due to ParaFX.com. Collection attempts include charging any credit card on file, emailing invoices and submitting past due accounts to collection agencies.







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